Hear My Prayer, Father

This piece was created after  I wrote Light is Given and was  motivated by  Wendie L Edwards, Millenial Series’ book Babylon.  I felt  the meaning of my poem  from the heart.

Hear My Prayer, Father

Hear my prayer, Father, for I am one of thy children whose heart is in earnest.

“Keep me!”, I cry unto Him, as I climb the steep walls of repentance,
jagged in their  rebuke.
The filthy river waters below me smirk and pretend in mockery. As my tears submit that I am sincere
I know thou wilt hear my sacrifice if all is well,
as I strive to give up my sins for thee.

Faith teaches me, as I reach with bloody soul still. For in my mind’s eye, Thy hand is there to heal and lift at the end.
I try to imagine your mercy, as I have hope to remember all thou hast prepared me with.
Each gift of strength was perfect, yea, in your glory and my infancy.
Over and over, every step to test and try me, and love me still.
I learned! Or, I was thrust into the lesson again.

Now as I offer my meager mite, I lift my wistful heart.

Mem’ries of all my temple work reassure.
As I draw nearer, my thoughts turn to celestial promises
The steep climb of mortality becomes dear as sacred hands seal generations.

Light beckons in query still. Mortal fears nag, taunt, and whimper.
Still the test draws on. Fear and weariness are ever present.
Yet, I am reminded, He… did this… already.
I, like… Peter, see my false moments, too. What… will I choose?

Clear in my mind’s eye is the unanswered.
His will must be…if I am to be His.
Say on, Lord and Master. I will follow thee.
With all of my pedigree and each of my own.
Wilt thou say unto me,” Well done thou good and faithful”. I pray…

copyright 12: 10 p.m.  1 Nov 2009, carolcatlin




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